Ongoing Rates

All Yoga Class Rates are subject to HST (13% tax) that will be added at the time of purchase. Rates are subject to change.

Drop-In Class: $15

5-Class Pass: $65

10-Class Pass: $120

Monthly Unlimited: $100

1-Year Unlimited Yoga Membership: $90/month for 12 months

New Member 1st Month Unlimited: $40 (Valid for new members only).

Pay-What-You-Can Class: In an effort to make yoga accessible to everyone, on special occasions we will offer Pay-What-You-Can classes! For these classes, you simply make a cash donation of your choice when you arrive! Cash Only! Class-Passes are not valid, but monthly memberships may be used. ALL participants must pre-register online for the class. Check our schedule regularly for these special classes!


VIP Package

$149.00 One-Time Enrollment for Lifetime Membership!

Become a VIP member of the studio at any time for a one-time fee, and receive all of these great benefits:

  • 1-month unlimited yoga (begins at time of 1st class)
  • 1 Workshop pass valid throughout the year
  • Essential Oil Introductory Kit (includes Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender essential oils)
  • 2-Passes to “Bring a Friend To Class For Free”
  • Access to insider newsletters, tips, and videos
  • Advance Access to register for select workshops and retreats
  • 10% in-store retail products for the month!
  • And MUCH MORE!!


We understand that there are times where money may not be flowing abundantly to us, but yoga may be just what we need to help us through those times. Each month we will offer 2 unlimited yoga passes in exchange for other services. This is on a first come, first serve basis each month. Services may include: cleaning, teaching, marketing or an exchange for products. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss.

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  • John

    I saw your hot yoga class schedule in the snapped Orillia newspaper. I am interested in it, However I do not drive so my question is do you know of anybody in the classes that would carpool people to classes. I am interested beacause I have chronic low back pain, arthritis in both knees and my neck and cronic bursitis in my left hip socket at the ball of the joint. I also have chronic emotional holding patterns throughout my body from being in an anbusive relationship for 15 yeARS(mY EX WIFE WAS INCREDIABLY ABUSIVE IN MANY WAYS). aNYWAYS I HAVE READ BY WAY OF A QUICK GOOGLE SEARCH THAT HOT YOGA IN PARTICULAR IS GOOD FOR THESE CONDITIONS. I AM ON ODSP DO YOU OR COULD YOU WORK WITH A PERSON AS FAR S MONTHLY RATES FOR UNLIMITED CLASSES TO MAKE IT AFFORDIBLE FOR A PERSON IN MY INCOME BRACKET TO AFFORD THIS. I AM ALSO REALLY INTERESTED IN MEDITATION AS WELL. THANKS.

    • purav802

      Hi John,

      Thank you for your interest in our classes! Unfortunately we do not have anyone available to assist with carpools at this time. You may want to check one of the studios in Orillia that are a little closer to you and can offer some of the same benefits such as Nourished Yoga Studio or Balanced Body Studio. We wish you all the best on your journey! Namaste.


2014-07-29 02:10:06