Before You Visit

Before You Visit

We LOVE meeting new people at the studio and encourage everyone to give our classes a try. To make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, please review the following before your visit.

1. Review our schedule and select a class you would like to attend. If you are a first-time Yogi we recommend starting with a beginner class.

2. Follow the prompts from the online schedule to register for the class. It’s quick and easy! If computers are not your thing, then just give us a call at 705-999-9939 to let us know which class you would like to attend and we’ll set up your online account for you!

3. Sign-up for the class you’d like to attend online (We ask that you sign-up ahead of time for all classes whenever possible).

4. Pack your yoga bag! Things you might want to include:

  • Water Bottle
  • Cool Loose fitted clothing (shorts, yoga pants, track pants, t-shirt)
  • Towel to dab at your sweat in class or to rinse off afterwards
  • Your smile and an open mind!

5. Arrive at class 10-15 minutes early to get changed, use the washrooms, purchase your yoga passes, and sample some free tea. Please note that we have a long windy driveway to reach the studio, but it is worth the wait! You will see lights on and can enter the studio from the ground-level floor nearest the parking lot.

6. Enter the studio and swipe your membership card (You will receive one on your first visit).

7. Find a comfortable place on your mat in the yoga room. We encourage everyone to lay on their back (if comfortable) to relax the body and mind before class begins.


9. After class you can quickly rinse off if needed, enjoy some more tea, and chat with other yogis!

10. Repeat the process and sign-up for your next class!! Please remember to sign-in for all classes online so we know to expect you! This ensures we don’t have to turn anyone away when we meet our maximum class size and also helps us to determine the heat for the room.

7 + 5 =


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