Upcoming Events

Please check out some of the fun and exciting events we have coming up at Pura Vida Soul Institute and nearby partners as well! Please note that you must pre-register for all events in order to reserve your spot!

Hot Stone Restorative Yoga Workshop

Friday, August 8, 7-9pm

Cost: $40 Non-Members, $35 Members (Monthly Pass Holders)

Hot Stone Restorative WorkshopRestorative yoga is a gentle class with deeply soothing postures using cozy bolsters, blocks and straps. As you gently begin to bask in maximum relaxation hot stones will then be gently placed upon your body.The goal of Hot Stone Restorative is to balance the body’s systems and realign the energy flow within the body which supports our natural healing process, thereby promoting balance, willpower and vitality within. You will leave feeling nurtured, calm and clear. Body awareness increases, aiding in understanding the body’s needs in order to regain balance. It is in a balanced state that we are able to fight off illness; stay grounded and focused, and in essence, live within a state of peace.

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Couple’s Yoga Class

August 15, 7-8:30pm

$15pp + HST (Class passes accepted)

Bring Your Man to YogaDo you love the benefits of yoga and wish you could share it with your spouse, fiancee, boyfriend/girlfriend, or other important person in your life?

In this 1-hour yoga class you can bring your partner to yoga and guarantee for them they won’t have be to be worried about being the only person who doesn’t know what they’re doing!! This couple’s class will be a beginner yoga class full of laughs and challenges and even some poses you can do together. It is a great night to bond with your partner and your neighbours.

This workshop is limited to only 6 couples so register early! The session will be conducted in an unheated classroom to make sure everyone is comfortable. Your spot will not be reserved until payment is received. Please make sure you register both you and your partner for this class.

Pedal for Past Charity Bike Race

Friday, September 5

Pedal_for_the_Past_page_imageWe are thrilled to be part of this event supporting the OPP Friends of the Museum at Hardwood Hills. Participants have the choice of participating in a trail ride or 50K or 100K road race, followed by yoga, activities, and a BBQ afterwards! Jennifer is going to attempt her first 50K road race at this event and hopefully survive to lead the yoga class afterwards. We are looking for sponsors, fellow team mates, or just training buddies! If you’d like to join us please send us an email or ask in the studio.

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Severn Bridge Fall Fair

Saturday, September 6

severn bridge fall fair

Join us at the annual Severn Bridge Fall Fair where we will be hosting a booth and offering outdoor demos, activities, and more!!

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