Burnout to Bliss: Stress Reduction Training

Burnout to Bliss Weekend Retreat: Stress Reduction

Managing stress has become one of the top concerns of professionals, employers, and businesses. We are overloading ourselves with work, technology, information, schedules, and activities to the point we are losing our own identities, our ability to distinguish what we really want out of life and work, and our health is declining faster than we are willing to admit. Our bodies and souls are burning out and we are actually beginning to believe that life and work is supposed to be hard. But, deep down we really know that it is all a lie. There really is more to life, and we really can make our dreams a reality, we just have to change our perceptions and our lifestyles.

If you have read all the popular books like the 4-Hour Workweek, Escape from Cubicle Nation, and Eat, Pray, Love that romanticize the notion that we can all just quit our jobs, move to an exotic beach location, and continue to rake in the dough we need to live our dreams. While this is a mutual dream for all of us, the reality is that most of us have families and other responsibilities that prevent us from just jumping off of the cliff and giving it all up on faith.

The Burnout to Bliss program is designed for working professionals who are lost, tired, burned out and looking for more in a realistic way that doesn’t involve selling all of your possessions and moving to India! Burnout to Bliss is a holistic wellness and stress management program that integrates ancient and modern holistic techniques of reflection, meditation, yoga, discussion, and art to help your body, mind, and soul reunite to create greater harmony in your life and work. It is a customizable program that is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of different individuals, groups, and industries.


Weekend Retreat: Invest in yourself and book a Burnout to Bliss weekend retreat to calm your mind, relax your body, and reconnect with your soul. This retreat will incorporate stress reduction techniques and research with yoga, meditation, journalling, and other soul-based activities at our beautiful studio in Muskoka, Ontario. Set in the middle of 20-acres of serene trees and wildlife you will have no choice but to relax.

12-Week Burnout to Bliss Program: This 12-week program allows working professionals from a variety of roles and industries to come together on a journey to reconnect with their souls. The program is offered on a weekly basis which allows you more time to integrate the strategies you are developing and make significant changes to your outlook on life, perceptions, and habits so that you can achieve your dreams and visions.

Groups / Businesses

Employee wellness is key to maintaining a workforce that is healthy, present, and committed to the success of the organization. By offering Burnout to Bliss at your business place you are demonstrating that you care about your employees and you recognize how important their health and happiness is to the success of the organization. This program is a great addition to conferences, retreats, or workshops you may be planning or as a regular lunch-hour, morning, or afternoon benefit that you can offer to employees to maintain their wellness.

For more information about delivering the Burnout to Bliss program at your organization, please contact us to answer your burning questions and provide you with a quote.




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