Essential Oil Starter Kit

Do you want to get started with the healing properties of essential oils without breaking the bank?

Do you want to have your own set of essential oils to practice Smelly Yogaroma at home?

Do you want to be able to heal your family and friends at all times?

The Essential Oil Starter Kit is a great way to:

  • Get many great oils at a reduced price!
  • Have access to oils all the time!
  • Share the oils with family & friends!
  • Practice Smelly Yogaroma at home!
  • Improve your health!

The Essential Oil Starter Kit includes:

  • 8 Certified Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils in glass bottles
  • Peppermint Essential Oil ($27.33)
  • Lemon Essential Oil ($13.33)
  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) Essential Oil ($25.33)
  • Citrus Bliss Essential Oil ($20.00)
  • DigestZen Essential Oil ($41.33)
  • On Guard Essential Oil ($42.67)
  • Serenity Essential Oil ($40.00)
  • Breathe Essential Oil ($26.67)
  • A convenient key chain to hold your oils

If you were to buy all of the items in the Essential Oil Starter Kit separately they would cost $246.66 + HST!!

Essential Oil Start Kit Keychain

We do not want cost to get in the way of you and your family experiencing the amazing healing properties of these oils!

So, we are offering the Essential Oil Starter Kit for only $74.99 + HST for a limited Time!

Take control of your health and click on the shop below to order your starter kit today!


2014-07-29 01:06:27