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Jennifer KavanaghAs a professional speaker, educator, and doctoral student, Jennifer Kavanagh offers a variety of presentations, key note addresses, and workshops for businesses and associations that inspire employees and volunteers to live a positive and healthy lifestyle both at work and at home.

All presentations and workshops are supported by current research and practices supported in the fields of education, business, neuroscience, yoga, and spirituality. Jennifer strives to create compelling arguments around the need to live in a positive and healthy way by providing scientific evidence and intriguing stories that draw even the biggest skeptics in.

Presentations can be offered both onsite or online and in a variety of formats to meet the needs of your group. They are designed for groups of all sizes, often ranging from small groups of six to larger groups in the several hundreds. The presentations are organized into three series:

1. Wellness Series – a set of presentations and workshops designed to promote healthy living and relationships.

2. Education Series – talks and workshops focused on the unique needs of both students and educators.

3. Professional Series – a collection of presentations and workshops that a geared towards workplace needs, challenges, and situations.


This is Your Brain On Stress

Stress and burnout are becoming an epidemic in Western society. We are working longer hours, juggling more responsibilities, and becoming more frustrated with everyday challenges. Despite our increased experience with stress, our understanding of its impact on the body, the mind, and our relationships is often limited. This presentation introduces individuals to how the brain works under stressful conditions, and uses the brain to explain some of the frustrating behaviour we encounter with others under stress. It also discusses strategies and exercises individuals can use themselves to recognize their stress levels, reduce the emotional and physical strains of stress, and respond more calmly and rationally in stressful situations.

Stress Management for Busy Professionals

Busy professionals often recognize they are stressed but believe they do not have any time or space in their lives to take action to relieve their stress. When we cannot find outlets of release, the stress can begin to accumulate in the body leading to further physical, mental, and emotional illness over time. This fun and interactive workshop introduces professionals to the importance of recognizing their stress for what it is and finding fun, quick, and practical ways for relieving their stress even with jam-packed schedules.

Stretching for Shift Workers

It is no surprise that shift workers often complain of aches and pains in their body as it struggles to adjust to alternating schedules and unnatural sleep patterns. Unfortunately, the reality is that some jobs require us to be available to work at any time of the day. This workshop is designed to help combat some of the struggles shift workers face by introducing some effective strategies for reducing strain on the body. The session will also include easy and simple stretches that can be used at work, in a car, or even in the shower to promote wellness and healing in the body even when you do not have time to fit in a full workout or yoga class.

Mindful Professionals

Mindfulness is a learned skill of bringing more awareness to one’s everyday thoughts, actions, and experiences without judgement. Research has shown that mindfulness can reduce stress, promote engagement, and improve performance. This workshop introduces professionals to the research behind mindfulness and allows professionals to experience some of the practices first-hand so they may implement them in their work and home life.

The Art of Letting Go

Sometimes surviving a conflict is the easy part and the challenge becomes letting go of the hurt and anger that we experienced as a result of a conflict. In order to restore peace and harmony to a relationship, team, or organization in the aftermath of a heated conflict, all parties must be willing and able to let go of the past and move forward with a new understanding. This is easier said than done. This workshop discusses the challenges of letting go and asks individuals to take an honest, hard look at whether they have truly moved forward from a conflict or are still festering some resentment deep within. Holding onto anger and resentment does not resolve anything, and really only further hurts the person who has already been hurt. Strategies for letting go and releasing anger, while still holding onto healthy boundaries and accountability are shared to encourage positive relationships.

Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is known to reduce stress, increase strength, improve flexibility, and reduce blood pressure based on research. However, there are also many myths and risks about yoga that are often not discussed with beginners to the practice. This workshop introduces participants to some of the benefits of yoga, openly discusses some of the myths, and clarifies some of the common questions and concerns about getting started in the practice. The participants are then guided through a brief 30-minute yoga practice that gently introduces them to some of the more common yoga poses so they can feel comfortable and confident attending a class at a studio near them. This is a great workshop to offer to employees and their family members to promote wellness or bring in traffic to complementary businesses.

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Introduction to Meditation

Meditation is a practice of stilling and focusing the mind, and has been shown to improve focused attention, memory, and alertness while slowing the aging process. It is also a great practice to managing difficult emotions and developing greater awareness and relaxation around stressful situations. This workshop provides an overview of the different styles of meditation and their benefits and includes several interactive exercises experiences with the meditation. It is a great offering to promote wellness among employees or as a complementary workshop with other natural health-care businesses.

No Nonsense Yoga for Men

Yoga promotes strength building, flexibility, and healthy living that are just as valuable to men as women. However, many men feel that yoga is a “sport” that is exclusive to women. This challenging workshop (or series) introduces men to the masculine side of yoga by explaining some of the history and science behind yoga poses, and introducing men to a more powerful and strengthening practice that will challenge them in new ways. It is a great workshop to promote wellness in a male-dominated business or in locations where men may feel uncomfortable attending a female-dominated class.

Essential Oils 101

Nature has a wonderful way of restoring and maintaining balance in our bodies and our environments. This workshop introduces individuals to the healing benefits of natural essential oils and shares some practical ways to incorporate the oils into cooking, personal health care, and cleaning routines to eliminate bacteria, heal illnesses, and promote vitality without the use of harmful chemicals. The workshop includes opportunities to sample and use the oils in an interactive format.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Most of our medicine cabinets are filled with chemical products that offer us convenience, but can sometimes be more harmful than helpful. This workshop builds awareness of the healing benefits of replacing some of the chemical products we use to manage our family’s health with natural essential oils at a fraction of the cost of traditional medicine. We will discuss some of the common products we use at home and the natural alternatives that can be used in place to offer more natural healing benefits.

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Soul Guidance Therapy

Sometimes we reach points in our life where the things we once thought we wanted are no longer meaningful, and the strategies that once led us to success are now failing us. Soul Guidance Therapy is a unique individual coaching program that helps you reconnect with your inner most desires and discover the life path that is most fulfilling and rewarding for you. Through creative discussions and exercises you will examine limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in life and receive support and encouragement to do those things you have always wanted to do in life.

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Mindful Educators

Mindfulness is a learned skill of bringing more awareness to one’s everyday thoughts, actions, and experiences without judgement. Research has shown that mindfulness can reduce stress, promote engagement, and improve student performance in learning environments. This workshop introduces educators to the research behind mindfulness in classrooms and allows educators to experience some of the practices first-hand so they may implement them in their classes.

Teaching with Soul

Recent research in the field of education has shown that the ‘presence’ or soul of an educator has more influence on the outcomes of learners than an educator’s technical skills in teaching or their expertise in the content. However, with increased pressures and challenges placed on educators (at all levels and in all environments), it is becoming increasingly difficult for educators to bring their soul into their teaching. This workshop presents some of the recent research in the field of education to build awareness of the critical role educators play in the learning process and the need for greater support for our educators. The workshops also introduce participants to simple and practical exercises they can use to reduce their stress, re-ignite their passion for teaching, and bring their whole soul to the classroom even when they face challenges or resistance in their school, institution, or organization.

Teaching Through the Shadow

There are days when the thought of having to get out of bed and teach leaves you wanting to crawl deeper under the covers. Research has shown that the emotions of teacher can be passed on to the students, and it can be challenging for educators to inspire others when they are having a bad day or week themselves. This workshop delves into the dark side of teaching, discussing the challenges faced when you have no desire to teach or no energy to inspire and introduces participants to some strategies that may be used to help teach throw those shadow days. It includes an emphasis on the importance of personal development and self reflection as part of a teacher’s regular practice to manage emotions and model emotional intelligence with their students.

Holistic Education Principles

More people are talking about the importance of educating the whole student from a holistic perspective, but little is understood about what that really means. Based on the doctoral research of Jennifer Kavanagh, this workshop introduces participants to common principles shared among holistic education researchers and educators and provides examples of how they may be implemented in classrooms. Participants will also have an opportunity to experience some holistic education exercises directly so they may apply them in their own classrooms after the workshop.

Soulful Study Warriors

Soulful Study Warriors is an introduction to the powerful skills that will transform the way you learn and study in school and work. Studying and advancing your career can be stressful and challenging at any stage in your life, and this course is designed to assist you in quieting your mind, tapping into the knowledge that lies within you, and using your intuition to improve your performance. Drawing on research from cognitive science, adult education, and contemplative practice this program will allow participants to develop practical and effective skills of self-mastery that lead to a focused, calm, and contemplative mind that enhance the ability to excel at learning and work.

Educator Coaching

Teaching others (whether children, teenagers, or adults) can be both a blessing and a curse. When learners are engaged and willing to learn it can be an absolute pleasure to teach, but when learners are struggling or exhibiting difficult behaviors it can often push educators to exhaustion, questioning their own capabilities, and dampening their joy for teaching. Educator coaching is a unique service where educators can speak directly with a coach who is an educator and doctoral student exploring the challenges of teaching to discuss their challenges, look at their situation from different perspectives, and develop new approaches or strategies to manage their stress and the challenges they are facing when teaching


Creating a Culture of Awesome

It is so easy for businesses to fall into their regular routines, focused on deadlines, reports, and performance reviews. While these routines are important for business success, they often take the human element and passion out of the work, sometimes resulting in complacency, disdain, and even resentment in the workplace. No one wants to work in an organization where people come into work angry and miserable. This workshop asks individuals, teams, and leaders to identify what would make coming into work AWESOME! Through this visioning process, the participants then identify practical and feasible ways to take small actions everyday to create a culture of AWESOME. It puts accountability for making work a fun and awesome place to be in the hands of each and every employee.

Communicating Across Styles

Everyone has a style or personality in how their communicate their needs, concerns, and questions. Based on the DISC model of communication, this workshop uses humour as participants identify their own style of communication and the potential impacts their style has on others in the workplace. Using active group work participants then identify how conflict may arise between styles and identify strategies for improving influence and reducing conflict by adapting their style to complement others.

The Neuroscience of Conflict

Conflict with others is often one of the most frequently cited sources of stress among adults. This workshop demystifies conflict by explaining in simple terms how the brain identifies and reacts to conflict when we face a challenge with another individual. The workshop will include a brief assessment of each individual’s conflict style and build awareness around the effectiveness of different approaches in different situations. The intent is not to eliminate conflict – that is not possible. The intent of this workshop is to understand how our brain automatically responds to conflict, so we can reduce our emotional reactions when faced with conflict and instead engage in more calm and rational problem-solving discussions.

Everyone is a Leader

Being called a “leader” is almost becoming taboo in our society as we try to tear down silos and build collaborative teams. However, the title of leader is not reserved for only those who wear suits and sit in corner offices. Everyone in an organization has the capability of being a leader, regardless of their title. This workshop redefines leadership to include anyone who influences others and places more accountability in the hands of individuals to model and step into a leadership role on a regular basis.

Lighten Up! Letting Go of Stress & Conflict with Laughter

It is said that laughter is the shortest distance between two people. In this presentation we discuss the benefits of bringing more laughter into your day based on scientific research. Using humour during challenging (and even easy) times can help to reduce tension and promote a positive outlook at work and in life.

Team Building Photo Scaventures

Having fun and building relationships as a team are so important to developing high performing teams. These unique photo scaventures are a theme-based activity that arms teams with a camera and asks them to capture themselves participating in activities related to a topic of importance to them. Past scaventures have included negotiating with members of the community, engaging in stress-reduction activities in the office, promoting health and safety in the organization, and building awareness of green initiatives in the community. Not only do teams come back smiling and laughing, but the organization also produces hundreds of photos they can use internally to promote team building in the future or externally to promote or brand themselves with the community or clients.

Mindful Professionals

Mindfulness is a learned skill of bringing more awareness to one’s everyday thoughts, actions, and experiences without judgement. Research has shown that mindfulness can reduce stress, promote engagement, and improve performance. This workshop introduces professionals to the research behind mindfulness and allows professionals to experience some of the practices first-hand so they may implement them in their work and home life.

Strategic Consulting

When faced with a large organizational challenge or when starting a new leadership team, sometimes it can be helpful to have an unbiased party facilitate a strategic discussion with the team. These sessions can include presentations of best practices, inspirational or leadership coaching, and facilitation (or sometimes mediation) of all parties at the table to make sure that all ideas are heard and evaluated in the same manner.

Employee Coaching

1/3 of all adults were traumatized when they were children and carry some of that trauma with them into their work and learning as adults. Sometimes performance and behavioural issues that come up in the workplace can be attributed to ineffective beliefs, behaviors, or strategies we developed in our childhood as coping methods for difficult situations. These strategies can often hold employees back from achieving the success they want, but due to their sensitive nature it is difficult for them to bring awareness to those issues or discuss them with coworkers or managers. Employee coaching offers one-on-one sessions with individuals or teams who may be facing challenges, transitions, or conflicts in the work environment and are struggling to work through them. These sessions offer the individual an opportunity to talk confidentially and candidly with an unbiased coach to examine the situation from multiple perspectives, examine unconscious beliefs that may be limiting their performance, and offer them encouragement to try new strategies to improve their performance and relationships in the work environment.


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