Employee Coaching

One third of all adults were traumatized when they were children and carry some of that trauma with them into their work and learning as adults. Sometimes performance and Employee Coachingbehavioural issues that come up in the workplace can be attributed to ineffective beliefs, behaviors, or strategies we developed in our childhood as coping methods for difficult situations. These strategies can often hold employees back from achieving the success they want, but due to their sensitive nature it is difficult for them to bring awareness to those issues or discuss them with coworkers or managers. Employee coaching offers one-on-one sessions with individuals or teams who may be facing challenges, transitions, or conflicts in the work environment and are struggling to work through them. These sessions offer the individual an opportunity to talk confidentially and candidly with an unbiased coach to examine the situation from multiple perspectives, examine unconscious beliefs that may be limiting their performance, and offer them encouragement to try new strategies to improve their performance and relationships in the work environment.

What to Expect

  • Private and confidential one-on-one discussions with a coach
  • A discussion of your current challenge(s) and what may be causing them
  • Creative and reflective exercises to complete independently
  • Action steps after each session that can be implemented immediately
  • Honest, direct, and empathetic support
  • A focus on positive development and growth
  • In-person, phone, or Skype sessions available


  • Initial Session (1.5 hours): $125
  • Hourly Sessions: $95
  • 5-Session Package: $400
  • Travel expenses may be required for onsite coaching (dependent on location)

Coach – Jennifer Kavanagh

Jennifer Kavanagh - Educator CoachJennifer has been an adult educator and coach for more than seven years working in a variety of private, non-profit, and government organiztions. She is a doctoral student with Walden University and a Transpersonal Consultant, who has focused her career and research on understanding the thoughts and emotions behind difficult conflicts and stresses in the work environment. Jennifer has direct experience with stress and burnout in the workplace that she uses to connect with clients. She draws on her research and knowledge as an educator, researcher, and employees and offers a gentle, honest, and creative approach to all coaching sessions.  Contact Jennifer directly at Jennifer.Kavanagh@PuraVidaSoulinstitute.com to learn more about her approach to coaching.



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