Our Story

Jennifer & Joshua Kavanagh The Pura Vida Soul Institute was a concept that was developed by my husband and I while on our honeymoon in Costa Rica. We spent a   beautiful night in the jungle in an open air room, allowing all of the insects, birds, animals, and spirits to join us in our room. I was incredibly sick throughout the night and there was a wondrous thunder storm that illuminated the sky like  a ballet of lights and drums. When we awoke in the morning our room was filled with insects and a single bat, but the most beautiful cohabitant was an elegant praying mantis that laid at the end of the bed watching us. The beautiful creature was slowing moving its legs as if dancing for us as we awoke from our slumber. Reflecting on this divine encounter later on in the day, we knew the praying mantis was a symbol. Looking into its meaning, we quickly learned that a praying mantis appears when your life is chaotic and you are in need of more love, balance and harmony. After months of working around the clock and planning a wedding, this certainly fit our situation.

On top of it all, we were immersed in paradise and could feel the energy of spirit pulsating through every living being in the area. We couldn’t help but dream of a life that embodied freedom, adventure, love, and magic. The more we felt this, the more it became clear that we were here to make that dream a reality and help others achieve the same. Immersing ourselves in the culture of Costa Rica we became enamoured with their catch phrase “pura vida” which translates to “pure life” but means more than just purity. It is about living in the moment, enjoying all of the little joys that life has to offer, and finding balance, connection, and community within life. This is the vision that drives us each and every day to live life passionately and it is the vision we use in our work with the Pura Vida Soul Institute. An Institute that exists to help other soul seekers find their true purpose and reconnect with their passion in a pure, balanced, and spirited way!

That is why we have adopted the Costa Rica practice of greeting each other with the phrase “Pura Vida” to recognize this pure life in each of us and remind us to live life passionately every day.



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