YogaPaint MuskokaYogaPaintYogaPaint is a special workshop designed by Jennifer Kavanagh that combines the freedom and flow of a vinyasa yoga class with the fun of painting! The experience is designed to stimulate creativity, open the heart, and bring you back to the pure joy of play that the soul thrives on.

Participants are guided through a yoga class in which paint is used to capture the beauty of their movements onto a scarf that can be worn or hung as a memento of the experience afterwards. Each class includes a guided yoga experience, meditation practice, scarf, paint supplies, and cleaning materials. The beauty is that everyone’s piece looks so different and unique at the end. Each time you complete the practice you produce a new piece of art.

YogaPaint MuskokaWe supply all of the materials, including the scarf as your canvas, yoga mats, tarps, and special water soluble paints which easily wash off of the skin. The only thing you need to bring is your paint clothes and an open mind!

Scarves often require up to 48 hours of drying time. Participants are welcome to take them home wet or pick them up after a curing period at the studio.

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