Workshops are special events that range from 2 hours to a full day and allow us to explore different topics and skills in a more in-depth fashion. We regularly schedule workshops throughout the year and advertise them in our newsletter and on our website.

Below is a list of some of the workshops we have done in the past. All of these workshops can be customized for private groups whether at Pura Vida Soul Institute or at your location.

Hot Stone Healing Sessions

Hot Stone Healing YogaHot Stone Healing yoga is a gentle class with deeply soothing postures using cozy bolsters (pillows), blankets, and blocks to achieve ultimate relaxation. As you gently begin to bask in maximum relaxation hot stones will then be gently placed upon your body on different meridian points.

The goal of Hot Stone Restorative is to balance the body’s systems and realign the energy flow within the body which supports our natural healing process, thereby promoting balance, willpower and vitality within. You will leave feeling nurtured, calm and clear. Body awareness increases, aiding in understanding the body’s needs in order to regain balance. It is in a balanced state that we are able to fight off illness; stay grounded and focused, and in essence, live within a state of peace.

Smelly Yogaroma

Smelly YogaromaYoga is a great way to relax and unwind, letting go of any stress that you may be holding onto. It engages your body, your mind, and your soul, and often engages all of the senses except for the sense of smell. This unique workshop incorporates the beautiful aromas of certified pure therapeutic essential oils into the yoga class so no part of your body feels left out! The essential oils will leave you smelling divine, but their therapeutic qualities may also assist you in achieving balance within your body.

All of the essential oils used in the class are Certified Pure Therapeutic oils which means they are the highest quality oils on the market and are triple-tested to ensure they are natural and do not contain any synthetic materials. Due to their high quality they offer therapeutic benefits to assist in a host of physical and psychological ailments ranging from stress, anxiety, digestive upset, to long-term illnesses and cancer.

Introduction to Yoga

Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is known to reduce stress, increase strength, improve flexibility, and reduce blood pressure based on research. However, there are also many myths and risks about yoga that are often not discussed with beginners to the practice. This workshop introduces participants to some of the benefits of yoga, openly discusses some of the myths, and clarifies some of the common questions and concerns about getting started in the practice. The participants are then guided through a brief 30-minute yoga practice that gently introduces them to some of the more common yoga poses so they can feel comfortable and confident attending a class at a studio near them. This is a great workshop to offer to employees and their family members to promote wellness or bring in traffic to complementary businesses.

No-Nonsense Yoga for Men

Yoga for MenYoga promotes strength building, flexibility, and healthy living that are just as valuable to men as women. However, many men feel that yoga is a “sport” that is exclusive to women. This challenging workshop (or series) introduces men to the masculine side of yoga by explaining some of the history and science behind yoga poses, and introducing men to a more powerful and strengthening practice that will challenge them in new ways. It is a great workshop to promote wellness in a male-dominated business or in locations where men may feel uncomfortable attending a female-dominated class.

Essential Oils 101

Essential Oils 101Nature has a wonderful way of restoring and maintaining balance in our bodies and our environments. This workshop introduces individuals to the healing benefits of natural essential oils and shares some practical ways to incorporate the oils into cooking, personal health care, and cleaning routines to eliminate bacteria, heal illnesses, and promote vitality without the use of harmful chemicals. The workshop includes opportunities to sample and use the oils in an interactive format.

 Meditation & Forest Connection Workshop

July 2016 forest bathing-small

Enjoy an afternoon of eco therapy to release your stresses and reset your soul back onto its true life path. This session includes:

  • Relaxing meditation to meet your spirit guides
  • Mindful exercises reconnecting to nature
  • An opportunity to seek answers from the trees
  • A safe space to ask questions and reflect

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Medicine Cabinet MakeoverMost of our medicine cabinets are filled with chemical products that offer us convenience, but can sometimes be more harmful than helpful. This workshop builds awareness of the healing benefits of replacing some of the chemical products we use to manage our family’s health with natural essential oils at a fraction of the cost of traditional medicine. We will discuss some of the common products we use at home and the natural alternatives that can be used in place to offer more natural healing benefits.

DIY Aromatherapy Necklace

aromatherapy necklaceLearn how to make your very own aromatherapy necklace in this fun hands-on class! These necklaces are made out of clay and when essential oils are placed on them they will hold the scent for 1-2 days allowing you to keep them close to you at all times!

In this workshop each participant will go through the process of rolling out their clay, stamping it with meaningful messages, baking it, and finishing it with colour or glazes. Then the pendants will be fitted onto a necklace and oils will be added to it to offer healing properties.

DIY Bug Repellent & Bug Bite Relief

DIY Bug SprayThis is a great workshop in the spring or summer when mosquitoes, black flies, sand flees and spiders have a party in our home and on our skin. During this session you will have an opportunity to learn how to naturally repel bugs and soothe the itchy, painful bites they leave behind using natural products and essential oils. All participants will take home a small bottle of bug repellant and a bug bite relief spray.

DIY Scented Candles

Christmas fir tree covered with snow on wooden board backgroundWinter is coming and what better way to prepare than by making your own warming and healing kit! In this workshop you will make mason jar candles with ecosoy wax and essential oil scents.


Hike & Meditation

Hike & MeditationMeditation can be experienced a whole new level when practiced outdoors. The healing properties of nature help new meditators relax into the practice and feel more connected to the world around them. In this workshop, participants will experience a hike through the 20-acre forest at Pura Vida with a meditation practice and reflection out in the woods. Walking meditations have been used for years and are a great way to be introduced to meditation without having to sit still!

Meditation & Forest Connection

July 2016 forest bathing-small

Connect with the healing power of the trees in our forest in this gentle workshop. Begin with a visualization-based meditation to meet with your spirit guides and prepare for your journey. Then participate in some simple forest connection exercises to allow the trees to communicate directly with you and help you answer your questions.

Chakra Toning

chakrasOur energic bodies contain a number of chakras that assist in keeping us healthy when they are balanced. Each chakra is associated with its own colours, feelings, and musical notes. In this class we will learn more about how the chakras work and how we can balance our own chakras through chanting. Moving through each of the chakras we will learn their chanting tones and practice sharing them on ourselves as well as others for healing.


Intuitive Development

Intuitive DevelopmentAll of us are gifted with intuition and the ability to connect with others on different levels. However, as we grow up we are trained to ignore our intuition and trust only our physical senses. In this workshop we will do a series of exercises to reconnect with our intuition and gain greater confidence in trusting our gut!

Soul Guidance Mini-Cards

inspirational soul guide bookWe all need reminders from time-to-time from our soul to stay on our true path and keep a positive outlook on life. In this fun art class we combine the practices of art with abundance and create a mini-card deck of positive affirmations to keep with us when we need a reminder of the beauty of our life.



Spirit Orb Photography

We often have friendly spirits around us and we are completely unaware of them. In this workshop we will learn how to capture spirit orbs on camera using our most basic cameras. No special equipment is required!This class is performed best after sunset in an outdoor setting, but it can be done indoors as well.


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