Yoga Teacher Post-Graduate Certificate

You have just finished your yoga teacher training and now must embark on the sometimes scary journey of beginning to teach classes. The prospect of teaching yoga can feel very different from practicing yoga. In this post-graduate certificate we will guide yoga teachers through the transition from learn how to teach a yoga class to confidently stepping into the role of a yoga teacher. You will learn how to overcome your fears, work with a variety of different clients, find your own unique style and flow, teach intuitively without notes, and build meaning and purpose behind your teaching. This workshop is designed around both yoga principles as well as adult learning practices, giving you the spirituality and heart of yoga and the confidence and success of years of teaching research.

Program Learning Objectives

Participants in this program can expect to learn how to:

  • Unravel and disarm limiting beliefs and fears about teaching or public speaking
  • Manage and reduce anxiety before and during classes
  • Find your own center so that you can trust your gut when teaching
  • Discover your natural style of teaching to make it more authentic
  • Develop smooth and natural transitions between poses
  • Quickly identify and assess clients needs and levels in a group setting
  • Offer multiple modifications in one class without breaking the flow
  • Develop a language for your classes that suits your personality
  • Manage difficult situations that can arise in and outside of yoga classes
  • Teach intuitively without creating in-depth notes and plans
  • Channel wisdom and insight while teaching instead of reading poems and quotes
  • Value and price your time as a yoga teacher
  • Develop the courage to teach your first class and all classes in your future

Jennifer E Kavanagh

Jennifer Kavanagh, Program Leader

This program is designed and led by Jennifer Kavanagh, creator of Pura Vida Soul Institute Inc in Muskoka. She became a yoga teacher after years of working as a corporate educator and working on doctoral research in combining yoga, meditation, and adult education. You will go through a journey of self-discovery with the intent of enhancing your confidence, finding your empowerment, and trusting your intuition when you are teaching. Being at the front of the room is a vulnerable and sometimes scary place to be. This program will help you step into that place with confidence, knowledge, and grace so that you can be the best teacher.

There are 4 Modules in the program. Each module consists of a 1-day workshop. You may attend all four workshops, or you can pick and choose the ones best suited for you.

Module 1: Releasing Your Teaching Fears & Anxieties

Whether you are teaching your first class or your 100th class, it is quite normal for fears and anxieties to arise for any teacher. However, these fears should not be holding you back from teaching in the first place. In this workshop you will discover some of your deeply rooted fears and beliefs and how to overcome them. For some of us it is the fear of public speaking, for others it is the fear of criticism or failure that holds us, and for some we just don’t feel like we are good enough yet to become a teacher. Regardless of what the fears are, this is your time to uncover them and release them. These limiting beliefs and old programming will not serve you as a teacher nor will they serve you as a student anymore. Through gentle exercises and reflection you are going to finally let them go.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Identify what triggers fears and anxieties about teaching yoga
  • Begin to discover what has caused those beliefs
  • Develop strategies to overcome and release the fears
  • Learn practices to release anxiety and remain calm
  • Practice teaching yoga from a place of courage
  • Receive support and guidance on their teaching path
  • Develop a sense of community with other new yoga teachers


9:00am Yoga & Meditation on Identifying Fears & Anxieties
10:00am Personal Reflection Exercise
10:30am Solutions & Strategies for Overcoming Teaching fears
11:15am Fear Release Meditation

12:00pm Lunch
12:30pm Teaching Practice
1:45pm Personal Teaching Circle
3:00pm Closing Practice

CEUs: Earn 6 CEUs with Yoga Alliance


Module 2: Finding Your Yoga Flow

It can be tempting to copy other teachers’ classes and styles, but the result of that is similar to lipsynching your favourite song. Your performance as a teacher will appear to lack heart and authenticity. The best teachers find their heart and teach from their heart. This is accomplished by identifying your own style and flow when teaching, even if it is a little be different from the style you completed your teacher training in. This workshop will help you find your flow and voice as a yoga teacher. We want you to bring in your life experience, your yoga experience, and any other bodily or spiritual experiences you have had to discover who you are as a teacher. It is who you are that attracts your students. From there, you develop your style and learn to teach from your heart.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Connect with their heart and source when teaching
  • Recognize the classes, styles, techniques, and poses you are meant to teach and which ones are maybe not suited for you (if any)
  • Identify their ideal clients and which clients you may refer to other teachers
  • Design a smooth flowing class from beginning to end with creative transitions and inspiring prose
  • Develop and teach a short yoga class from their heart
  • Receive support and guidance in their growth as a yoga teacher


9:00am Intuitive Yoga Flow
9:45am Meditating on Living Yoga
10:15am Your Teaching Style
11:00am Creating Smooth Transitions

12:00pm Lunch
12:30pm Designing Your Yoga Flow
1:30pm Teaching Practice
3:00pm Closing Circle

CEUs: Earn 6 CEUs with Yoga Alliance

Module 3: Teaching to Every Body

While it is ideal to teach yoga classes where clients all have the same needs and goals in the same session, it is not common. Instead, it is more likely that you may have a beginner, an intermediate, someone who wants to work physically, someone who wants to work more emotionally, someone with a knee program, and someone who is stressed all in the same class.  In this workshop you will learn how to evaluate the abilities and needs of clients on the fly, adjust your class plans quickly, and work with some of the most difficult clients you may face when teaching yoga.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Learn how to assess the physical and emotional needs of clients quickly in a group setting
  • Identify different modifications and adjustments to meet varied needs
  • Find supportive language that encourages and supports everyone regardless of where they are at with their practice
  • Give multiple modifications without losing flow during your class
  • Recognize the types of challenges that may come up in a class setting and how to manage them
  • Take ownership of the energy of the space in which you are teaching
  • Receive support and guidance on any existing challenges you may be facing
  • Discuss and identify multiple strategies to overcome challenges and serve every body.


9:00am Yoga Practice with Multiple Modifications
10:00am Assessing & Identifying Needs Exercise
10:30am Modifications for Physical & Emotional Needs
11:30am Lunch
12:00pm Modifications for Physical & Emotional Needs (Continued)
1:00pm Supportive Language
2:30pm Managing Difficult Situations
3:00pm Closing Circle

CEUs: Earn 6 CEUs with Yoga Alliance

Module 4: Becoming a Courageous Yoga Teacher

There is a lot more going on inside a yoga teacher’s head than is often given credit in the Western world. In this workshop, we tie everything together and help you get out of your head and into your heart. You will learn how to use your intuition to teach in the present moment, to adjust on the fly, and to feel most alive and empowered when you are at the front of the room.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Reconnect with their heart and intuition
  • Practice teaching intuitively and aligned to who they are and where their clients are at
  • Learn how to connect to source and channel wisdom and insight to inspire others
  • Find what makes them unique as a yoga teacher and how to bring that to the world
  • Discover their value as a yoga teacher
  • Learn how to bridge the gap between the spiritual giving of yoga and the business world related to money with a sense of grace and love
  • Step into the role of a yoga teacher with their heart and their soul


9:00am Yoga & Meditation From the Heart
10:00am Teaching Intuitively
11:00am Channelling Wisdom

12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Branding Yourself as a Teacher
1:30pm Your Value as a Yoga teacher
2:00pm Introducing Yourself to the World
3:00pm Closing Circle


1-Day Workshop Rate

Come for any of the 1-Day workshops that interest and suit your schedule.

Rate: $150 + HST per workshop

CEUS: Earn 6 CEUs with Yoga Alliance per workshop


Committed Package

Commit to your own development and save money by registering for all 4-workshops in advance. This package includes:

  • All 4 Workshops ($600 Value)

Rate: $399 + HST ($665 Value!)

CEUS: Earn 24 CEUs with Yoga Alliance when you complete all 4 workshops


Mentorship Package

This is for the most serious yoga teachers out there. Not only do you get all 4 workshops, but you also get 3 personalized one-on-one coaching sessions and/or practice teaching sessions with Jennifer. Package includes:

  • All 4 Workshops ($600 Value)
  • 3 x 1 Hour Private Coaching Sessions In person or Over Phone ($255 Value)

Rate: $599 + HST ($855+ Value!)

CEUs: Earn up to 24 CEUs with Yoga Alliance after completing the Apprenticeship Program.


2018 Dates

Module 1:November 17, 2018

Module 2:November 18, 2018

Module 3:December 1, 2018

Module 4:December 2, 2018

Program Runs Annually. To join the waitlist for the 2019 program please send Jennifer an email at


Pura Vida Soul Institute Inc Muskoka Yoga RetreatThe Courage to Teach Yoga is currently held at Pura Vida Soul Institute Inc in Severn Bridge, Ontario (Just 1.5 hours north of Toronto). Located in the middle of a 20-acre Muskoka forest this is a beautiful setting to really let go of your fears and connect with your inner teacher.

Want to bring the program to your studio? Contact Jennifer to get a quote to deliver this program at your space.


Please click on the package above or call 705-689-8950 to register.  Space limited to 14 participants!

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

This course is recognized with Yoga Alliance and participants are eligible to earn CEUs with their participation. After completion of each workshop you will receive a certificate of completion that can be submitted to Yoga Alliance for your CEU validation.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

We have a 100% non-refundable cancellation policy with all workshops. If you cancel for any reason you will NOT receive a refund nor a credit. There are no exceptions to this policy. You may transfer your workshop pass to another individual if you are unable to attend yourself.

Places to Stay Nearby

If you are coming from out of town and looking for a place to stay, please click here (  to see a list of nearby hotels. You also have the option to stay in one of our glamping tents overnight for a fee of $95+HST per night. Please contact us directly to book your glamping stay if interested.

More Questions

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