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Creating a Realistic Self-Care Practice 1-Day Retreat with Elizabeth Castro-Giles

Elizabeth Castro GilesSaturday, June 2 2018


If you find you are struggling to always stay on a healthy daily routine? To care for yourself, to eat better, take time to do some kind of physical and mental workout?

This one day workshop, we will teach a realistic practice that everyone can incorporate into their busy lives, to create a healthier you. Allowing yourself to take this day for yourself, in this beautiful space, to help rejuvinate yourself, and then be able to bring these skills home.

Everything this event includes:

  • We will do a full yoga (asana) class. (Beginners to more experienced are all welcomed)
  • We will teach a simplier everyday quick practice you can do everyday, and these poses will be outlined in a handout to take home.
  • Teaching various techniques for meditation, and incorporating it in to your lifestyle.
  • Creating Mantras to change negative talk
  • Quick Techniques to changing your mood
  • A healthy self care regiman, ayurveda inspired… You will take home a natural shower body scrub
  • Learning Lunch – We will show how to incorporate more veggies in your diet, and how to get more organized in the kitchen. (This comes from experience of cooking professionally for vegan yogis, and for a family of 5, all while working. I also bring my passion for nutrition and education). This is how to eat better long term, not a fad diet but rethinking and getting more out of what you eat for your health long term.

Finally, you will take home with you a booklet of everything you learned at this event, to continue to reference and of course you will become part of my online community to keep you going on this healthy practice! After learning all these skills I found the greatest thing to keep me focused was creating a community that lifted me and reminded me to continue on this healthy plan. If you want to really challenge yourself and solidify this plan, and you live in the Muskoka and surrounding area, I suggest you also sign up for our 30 day challenge, and you will get 10% off for being signed up for our one day workshop, look out on our site for this, coming up soon (

Cost: $140 per person.

Cancellation Policy: 50% is refundable up until a week before the start of our workshop. After a week before 100% is non-refundable

Registration: This retreat is organized and hosted by Please contact Elizabeth Castro-Giles directly for registration.

Pure Pregnancy: Online Holistic Prenatal Program

Flexible Start Dates!

Pure Pregnancy Program

Pregnancy can be both exciting and scary at the same time! Your body is changing, your baby is growing, and there is a deep bond connecting between you. Our online Pure Pregnancy Prenatal program is a unique program that honours the sacred journey of pregnancy by creating a meaningful space to strengthen your body, mind, and soul in preparation for birth. This 8-week online session brings pregnant women together each week for to practice active prenatal yoga followed by education, discussions, and exercises that teach you what to “DO” in your birth process rather than being a passive recipient. You will learn poses, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, and explore emotional and personality styles that may all contribute to a healthy and natural birth for you and your baby.

The program is based on a combination of yoga birthing, hypnosis, yoga therapy, and spiritual conception practices that includes a set of techniques that uses specific postures, comfort measures and breathing intentions in each stage of labor to create an enlightened and mindful childbirth experience.

As part of this online program you will:
• Identify your unique birth style to learn about your natural tendencies in birth
• Develop a positive birthing mantra to help you through challenging times
• Learn how to connect with your baby spiritually and in the womb
• Learn yoga poses to relieve discomfort during early labour and prepare for birth
• Identify fears around birth and learn how to release them
• Practice meditations to release fears, relax the body, and manage discomfort
• Practice visualizations to connect spiritually with baby in the womb
• Learn a meditation to help relieve the sensation of pain during labour
• Practice a yoga flow to help labour progress and relieve discomfort
• Learn the fear-tension-pain model and how to overcome it
• Practice visualizations to promote a more relaxed delivery
• Experience a psychic massage for relaxation
• Prepare a visual focus art piece to remind you of your practices leading up to and during birth
• Trust in your positive birth experience
• Reclaim your power and ability to birth your baby your way
The Pure Pregnancy program will offer you:
• Weekly videos and exercises to learn about positive birth practices
• Yoga practices to relax the body and prepare for birth
• Tutorials on different poses you may use to relieve pain and discomfort during pregnancy and birth
• Weekly reflection exercises to maintain a positive approach to birth and release fears and anxieties
• Activities to connect with your baby spiritually during pregnancy
• Downloadable meditations to help you relax, relieve pain, and connect with baby
• An online community of like-minded moms-to-be
• Additional resources and support

Regular Price: $89+HST

SALE PRICE: $40+HST Limited Time! To celebrate our initial launch of this special program we are offering the program at more than 50% off for first time participants! This price will not last long though!!

The content is available online so you can watch the videos and complete the exercises when it best fits in your schedule.

Please click here to register or send us an email at

10-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Available Anytime!   Online10-Day Clean Eating Challenge

The more that we eat healthy whole foods, the more that the body starts to crave them. However, the challenge is taking the first steps. Those first few days are the most challenging as the body adjusts to the changes you are making. This group challenge is the perfect way to stay motivated while learning easy and delicious recipes to make the transition a bit easier.

The goal of our clean eating challenge will be to fill our diet with fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, and healthy grains such as quinoa, spelt, oats, and more. At the same time we will be working to reduce or eliminate processed foods, sugar, gluten, and dairy. This is not a strict diet, but rather a support group to support each other in our own goals. So if your dietary plans are slightly different you are still welcome to participate based on your own goals.

The 10-Day Clean Eating Challenge Includes:

  • Comprehensive Workbook
  • Collection of Healthy Recipes
  • Daily Physical Exercise Challenges
  • Mantras & Meditations
  • Online Support Group

All materials and content for this program will be delivered online, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home!

Cost: $20+HSTpp ($22.60)

Register for the Clean Eating Challenge Here.