Hot Flow & Stones for the HolidaysWarm your heart and body as you relax into the holidays with this evening of hot soul yoga flow, hot stone meditation, and inner healing with Jennifer Kavanagh. The intention for this evening is to first release pent up tension and stress often experienced during the month of December and then transition to a deep state of relaxation for the body, mind, and soul. This is the perfect gift to yourself this holiday season.


1.      Hot Soul Yoga Flow

2.      Hot Stone Meditation

3.      Cacao & Chocolate Treats

4.      Mantras for Relaxation

5.      Dedicate Time to Relax


6:30pm Hot Soul Yoga Flow

7:30pm Cacao & Chocolate Ceremony

8:00pm Hot Stone Meditation

9:00pm Closing Breath


$45.99+HST per person


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