If you are looking to deeply connect with your soul, create harmony in your life, deepen your meditation or yoga practice, or are looking for individual guidance or mentoring, private sessions can allow you to work directly with Jennifer as she creates a space to allow your soul to breathe, heal, and play. All private sessions are customized to your individual goals and needs.

What to Expect

Each session will begin with a brief discussion on what you would like to explore or work on. It could be a challenge you are facing at work, an emotional struggle, a physical concern, or a spiritual curiosity.  You can expect the sessions to be spiritually and intuitively guided from there. There is no strict agenda. Instead, the session will evolve based on the thoughts that arise in you and gentle suggestions for guiding you in the direction of your goals. Each session may or may not include discussions, breathing exercises, gentle movements, reflective exercises, chakra work, intuitive readings, reflections, and more.

What Is Included?

Your Soul Guidance Package includes the following, but may vary slightly depending on your goals and interests for the session:

Benefits of Private Sessions

  • Confidential discussions in a safe and sacred space
  • Tap into unconscious beliefs and values that may be holding you back
  • Greater confidence in managing conflicts and challenges
  • Improved awareness of your inner thoughts and feelings
  • Clarity in decision-making
  • Affirmation of your worth and value
  • Reduced stress
  • Emotional discovery and release
  • Energetic transformation
  • Align and adjust the energy within your chakra systems


$100+HST per 1 hour session.

Book a Session

Click here to book a session online or email info@puravidasoulinstitute.com with preferred dates and times. Please note session availability is based on practitioner schedules.