hot stone restorativeHot Stone Restorative session is a gentle service in which clients relax in deeply soothing postures on a yoga ma using cozy bolsters, blocks and blankets. As you gently begin to bask in maximum relaxation hot stones will then be gently placed upon your body.

The goal of Hot Stone Restorative is to balance the body’s systems and realign the energy flow within the body which supports our natural healing process, thereby promoting balance, willpower and vitality within. You will leave feeling nurtured, calm and clear. Body awareness increases, aiding in understanding the body’s needs in order to regain balance. It is in a balanced state that we are able to fight off illness; stay grounded and focused, and in essence, live within a state of peace.P8290536 11 bootstrapper

In a private session you receive one-on-one customized attention with additional stones and support throughout the session.


Private – $85+HST

Couples – $150+HST

NOTE: This service is not provided by an RMT. We do not currently offer traditional massage services out of Pura Vida Soul Institute Inc. but we can refer you to some stellar services in the area.

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