Chakras are energy centers in the body where consciousness and physical matter meet. The chakras spin in order to help us attract, release, and transform energy that we produce and come into contact with. When they are spinning in the proper way our body operates efficiently, our health is at an optimal level, our thoughts are clear and decisive, and our emotional well being is enhanced. When chakras become blocked or even reversed, it can have negative effects on our physical and emotional health.

The 7 Main Chakras in the Body

  1. Crown – Located above the head, it relates to our connection with the universe, wisdom, and transcendence.
  2. Third Eye – Located in the centre of the forehead,it relates to our intuition, extransory abilities, and perception.
  3. Throat– Located in the throat and neck, it relates to our ability to communicate our own truth in the world.
  4. Heart – Located in the center of the chest and the upper back, it relates to our ability to give and receive love.
  5. Solar Plexus – Located in the upper abdomen, it relates to our power, self esteem, will, and social self.
  6. Sacral – Located near the belly button, it relates to emotions, creativity, and sexuality.
  7. Root– Located near the pelvic floor, it relates to our sense of safety, will to live, and grounding.

What to Expect in a Chakra Analysis Session

Learn more about how your chakras and energy are flowing through and around your body with this analysis session. As you rest on a yoga mat, one of our teachers will use a healing pendulum and intuitive connection to your guides to demonstrate how your energy is moving and where you may be experiencing some blockages, along with some strategies you might use to come back into balance.

You may choose to rest in silence or to ask questions as we perform the analysis. You may see the pendulum moving over your body to indicate how the energy is flowing through the chakras. The pendulum may also be used to help reopen or rebalance the chakras. When this occurs it is common to feel energy moving through the body, this may make you shiver, feel cold, or even bring forth emotions. All of this is normal and we will guide you through the process to keep you safe and grounded throughout.

Benefits of Chakra Session

  • Find balance within your body and mind
  • Increased awareness of intuition
  • Ease in releasing harmful emotional patterns
  • Increased ability to manifest abundance
  • Greater pleasure and enjoyment of life
  • Express and release emotions in a healthier manner
  • Clarity and focus of the mind
  • Let go of repressed hurt and anger
  • Gain clarity on future decisions
  • Correct energy imbalances in the body


$50+HST for 30 Minute Session

Combine a Chakra Session with an Intuitive Reading for a complete Soul Guidance Package and Save!

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