energy clearingBy Jennifer Kavanagh

A few weeks ago I came down with an incredible cold and sinus infection. It all started with a deep ache in my shoulders and neck, followed by intense fatigue, and finally culminating in a painful sinus infection and full-fledged cold that almost knocked the life out of me. As I came around to the end of the painful plight, I was intuitively drawn to change up the energy in our home to clear the nasty bug that had made its way in. Here a few simple tips to keep the energy flowing in your home and keep the flu away.

  1. Shake things up. If you’ve been sick and spending a lot of time lounging on the couch or in bed the energy can quickly become stagnant. Simply give the pillows and blankets a good shake, maybe a wash, and let the energy flow again.
  2. Burning sage has been an ancient native practice that is known to clear the energy in the room. Purchase sage from our studio or a local spiritual store and burn it in the room. To be extra thorough walk around with the sage ensuring you go in every dark corner or closet. It is important to open a window as you do this so that the energy can leave.
  3. Ring the Bells. Music and bells create a vibrational energy that affects our own spirits as well as other energies that may be with us. Similar to the process of smudging with sage you can ring a bell throughout your home to get the energy flowing.
  4. Salt Your Floors. This one may sound crazy but salt is a great way to neutralize your space. Salt, especially himilayan salts bring another vibration to your home. Try to sprinkle salt on your carpets 1 hour before vacuuming them or add some salts to your bath or hot tub.
  5. Add Sparkle to Your Front Door. According to Feng Shui practice, adding a crystal to your front entrance is a great way to change the energy and clear any negativity that guests may be bringing into your home. Simply hang a crystal using fishing line from a light and your entrance looks inviting and special! Crystals now available online or in studio! Join us for a special workshop in November!
  6. Open the windows. I know it’s winter and seems like the last thing you should do, but even just a minute or two can be enough to exchange the stale air in your own for some fresh revitalizing air!
  7. Freshen Your Furnace. This tip comes from one of our clients and we just love it! Next time you change your furnace filter put a few drops of OnGuard essential oil on it. As your furnace burns it will send a Christmas spice smell through your home while it also destroys any bacterial that may exist in the air.
  8. Move the Furniture. The way your furniture is arranged determines how energy flows in your space. Sometimes all you need to do is re-arrange a few of your pieces and you feel a new lightness come back into your space.
  9. Bring Plants Inside. Plants not only clean the air we breathe they also bring a sense of vitality indoors. Try planting a few vegetables or some lettuce indoors to feed your spirit and your body this winter!
  10. Homemade Air Freshener. Create your own natural air freshener that kills bacteria, smells great, and brings healing back to your body and soul! Join us for a DIY Holiday Air Freshener workshop to learn how to make your own!!