Pura Vida Soul Institute is a team of professional teachers, healers, and guides that truly care about your holistic wellness. All of our team members have undergone extensive training in their art form and approach their work from a place of compassion and love. We want you to feel safe and confident in all of the work that we do.​


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Jennifer Kavanagh Founder, Chief Inspirational Guide & Lead Instructor
 Josh Kavanagh Josh Kavanagh Founder & Studio Manager
Jess Burns Yoga Teacher
  Monique Butterfield Yoga Teacher
Tina Carabello  Tina Carabello  Yoga Teacher
Robyn Hinton Yoga Teacher
Lorey Janes Lorey Janes Yoga Teacher
 Maddie Maddie Tisdelle Yoga Teacher
Elizabeth Castro Giles Elizabeth Castro-Giles Yoga Teacher